Swatting Incident 12/9/2022

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Recent reports from across the nation indicate “swatting” calls to schools are on the rise. The term ‘swatting’ refers to hoax calls being placed to 9-1-1 reporting an emergency such as an armed intruder, active shooting or other critical incident that necessitates a large and immediate law enforcement response possibly including a SWAT team.

Recently Ennis Schools was a victim of a ‘swatting’ call. At approximately 1011 hours on Friday December 9th, 2022 Madison County Sheriff’s Office Dispatch received a call stating an active shooter was present in Ennis Schools. Law Enforcement responded to the school within one minute of receiving the call and found no emergency. Similar calls have been reported throughout the state today.

After investigating the call it was determined at no time was anyone at Ennis Schools in any danger and no threat was ever present.