The Town of Ennis recognizes the Constitutional right to request public documents.

Pursuant to Article II Section 8 through 10 of the Montana Constitution and Title 2 Chapter 6 of
the Montana Code Annotated (MCA) please complete the form and submit it to the Town of Ennis. The form can be submitted by mail, dropped off, faxed to 406-682-5011or emailed. If you wish to submit the form by email please call Town Hall at 406-682-4287 and choose option 1 for the submission email.

NOTICE: No new document will be created to respond to an information request. See Sect. 2-6-1006(4), MCA. Applicable information may be made available for requester to compile his/her own data subject to law, including the legal restrictions regarding creation of mailing lists from public records.  See See Sect. 2-6-1017, MCA.

Request for Public Records

This form is NOT intended for requesting information regarding court cases, marriage licenses, divorce records, birth or death records, police records, etc. DO NOT USE THIS FORM.

All Ennis Police Department records are maintained by the Ennis Police Department. Please visit the Police Department Forms page for a police records request.

As Montana courts transition to a new centralized case management system, certain court public records will become available through the Montana District Court Public Access Portal and the Montana Courts of Limited Jurisdiction Public Access Portal. Please visit the Montana Public Access Portal(s) for Montana Court information.