Mission Statement: The Ennis Police Department protects the constitutional rights of all, protecting life and property through collaborative efforts and community partnerships.

The Ennis Police Department is located in Ennis Town Hall at:
328 W. Main Street
Ennis, MT 59729

Office Phone: 406-900-1043
Office Fax: 406-848-0601
Dispatch Phone: 406-843-5301
Department E-Mail: police@ennispolice.com

John Moore – Chief of Police

Police Chief Oath of Office

Ennis Police Department Forms 

The Ennis Police Department would like to remind residents of the following:

Camping within Town Limits –  A recreational vehicle shall not be located outside of any approved mobile home park except that: Only one recreational vehicle may be stored on a single-family homesite. One recreational vehicle per dwelling unit may be stored on a multi-family homesite but only as approved pursuant to zoning review. In no event shall living quarters be maintained or any business practiced in the recreational vehicle.

Fingerprinting –  The Ennis Police Department is available for fingerprinting. Please call 406-900-1043 extension 2 to schedule an appointment.  Fingerprinting hours are Tuesday and Wednesday from 10am to 3pm by appointment only. You must arrive on time.  The cost is ten dollars ($10.00) per card.  Your employer or entity requesting the fingerprints is required to provide the fingerprint cards. You will need a valid state issued ID, Government ID or Passport to be fingerprinted. In the interest of time, please have the cards filled out before you come into the police department.  If you are being fingerprinted for the Ennis Public Schools there in no cost, and the police department has blank school related fingerprint cards at Town Hall. Fingerprinting is only available for Madison County Businesses and/or Madison County residents.

Speed Limits: The maximum speed limit on all residential streets is 25 miles per hour with the exception of the 15 mile per hour speed limit around the Ennis Public Schools.  The school zones include: Charles Avenue from the intersection with Montana Highway 287 to Hugel Street; West Steffens Street between Charles Avenue; and Comley Way and West Ennis Street between Charles Avenue and Comley Way.  The 15 mile per hour speed limit in school zones is in effect 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (not just during school hours).

License Plates: Montana is still a two license plate state.  For all passenger vehicles and trucks: a license plate is required on the front exterior of the vehicle and a license plate is required on the rear exterior of the vehicle.  Placing a license plate in the front or back window does not meet state requirements.  If your vehicle does not have a front license plate bracket, you will need to contact a dealership or automotive part store and obtain one or come up with a method to secure the license plate to your vehicle.  License plates must be clearly visible and free from any obstruction.  All motor vehicles including ATV’s, three-wheelers, motor-scooters, and motor-driven cycles must be properly registered, displaying a license plate and the driver or operator must have a valid driver’s license.  No exceptions.  The motorcycle known as “mini-bike” or “pocket-rocket” is not legal for operation on any streets or highways in Montana.

Dogs: If you own or keep a dog within Ennis Town limits, the owner must obtain a dog license from Ennis Town Hall.  Proof of rabies vaccination will be required at the time of licensing.  Also, the Town of Ennis has a mandatory leash law.  Dogs found running at large will be impounded, the owner will be issued a citation, and the owner will have to pay for the days their dog was impounded.  Also, if you leave your dog in the back of your pickup while going into a business, the dog must be on a leash or tether.  Dog licenses are issued at Ennis Town Hall 328 West Main Street from 10AM to 4PM Monday through Thursday.

Sidewalk Snow Removal: Attention Ennis business and residence owners.  If you have a sidewalk in front of your business or residence, town ordinances require that owners or operators of a business shall keep their sidewalk clear and free of any snow and ice and they shall keep their sidewalks in good repair.

Street Storage of Vehicles Prohibited: Parking a vehicle, trailer, and/or boat on the side of the roadway even in front of you property is not allowed if it is parked in the same spot for over 5 days.

Curfew: The Town of Ennis has an ordinance regarding curfew for minors.  Persons 17 years of age or under are not allowed to be on the streets or in public places in town unless accompanied by a parent between 10:30PM to 5:00AM Sunday through Thursday and 12:30AM to 5:30AM Friday and Saturday. Both the juvenile and the parent can be charged for a violation of this ordinance.

Fireworks: The discharge of fireworks within Ennis Town limits is prohibited except on July 3rd/July 4th and December 31st/January 1st pending fire danger.

Business License Required: Any person or business who wishes to conduct, operate, transact, engage in, or carry any industry, trade, pursuit, profession, vocation, or business within the Town of Ennis must first obtain a business license.  Business licenses are issued at Ennis Town Hall 328 West Main Street from 8AM to 5PM Monday through Friday.  Door to door solicitation for business is prohibited.

Snowmobiles: Snowmobiles may not be operated on the streets or alleyways in the Town of Ennis.

Signs: The Town of Ennis requires that a sign permit be obtained before placing or displaying a sign.  Permits can be obtained from the zoning administrator’s office located at Ennis Town Hall.  The design and appearance must meet town ordinances prior to the permit being granted.  There are special restrictions on banners.  Please contact Town Hall for further information.