RV Prohibited as Residence

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The weather is getting warmer and due to some recent questions we will address living in a RV within Ennis Town limits.

Ennis Ordinance prohibits living in a recreational vehicle within the Town Limits of Ennis except within a designated mobile home park. Here is the ordinance:

E. Recreational Vehicle On Residential Lot: A recreational vehicle shall not be located on a residential lot outside of any approved mobile home park, except that:
1. Recreational Vehicle Storage: Only one recreational vehicle may be stored on a single-family homesite. One recreational vehicle per dwelling unit may be stored on a multi-family homesite but only as approved pursuant to zoning review. In no event shall living quarters be maintained or any business practiced in the recreational vehicle while stored.
2. Temporary Use Permit: Temporary use permits, not to exceed one year in duration, may be granted by the town commission for occupying such recreational vehicle or manufactured home during construction or reconstruction of a single- or two-family dwelling.

All Town ordinances can be found here: https://www.sterlingcodifiers.com/codebook/index.php…

If you have questions please stop by Ennis Town Hall.