Protect Yourself Against Theft

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Recently Law Enforcement has seen an uptick in theft. Some of the theft has involved storage lockers. If you have a storage locker here are a few reminders:

Make sure your lock is secure and use a high quality lock.

Don’t give your key or combination to others.

Check on your unit regularly.

Ask what security measures are in place. Are their gates, codes, or security cameras in place?

With the increase of visitors and some people who want to be dishonest we would like to remind everyone of a few things:

Lock your vehicle(s) and your home including your windows.

Remove all valuables (backpacks, cell phones, purses, wallets, sunglasses, GPS systems, keys, iPod’, shopping bags, etc.) from your vehicle.

If you must keep valuables in your vehicle, store them in your trunk or out of sight.

Remove your house keys and car keys from your vehicle.

Be sure to remove packages quickly from public view.

Please do not make the mistake of thinking that because you live in a low crime area, you can leave items in your car, leave car doors unlocked, or leave your home unlocked.

We cannot be everywhere at once and we need your help to keep our Town and County safe. If you see something say something – call the Sheriff’s Office Dispatch at 406-843-5301 in an emergency call 911.