Parking Reminders

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Parking Reminders from the Ennis Police Department:

Motor Vehicles shall be diagonally parked on East Main Street in accordance with the markings placed upon those streets. The vehicles must be parked within the lines.

Vehicles parking on other roads shall park in the direction of traffic and as close to the curb as possible and as far off the roadway as possible.

Motor vehicles shall not be parked within the town:

Crosswalk: Upon a marked crosswalk so designated by yellow painted stripes upon the street.

Intersection: Within twenty feet (20′) of an intersection between two (2) streets.

Fire Hydrant: Within ten feet (10′) of a marked and painted fire hydrant.

Sidewalk: Within a sidewalk or sidewalk area.

Stop Sign: within 30 feet upon the approach to any stop sign, or official traffic control device located at the side of a roadway

Alley: Vehicles shall not be parked within an alley in such a manner or under such conditions as to leave available less than ten feet (10′) of the width of the roadway for the free movement of        vehicular traffic. Vehicles shall not be parked within an alley in such a position as to block the driveway entrance to any abutting property.

Time Limitation: Motor vehicles, farm equipment, or any other type of vehicle or equipment shall not be parked on the streets for a period of time longer than five (5) days.

Official Signs: Vehicles or equipment shall not be parked at any place where official signs prohibit parking.

U-Turns are prohibited on East Main Street.

On North Main Street vehicles are welcome to park off the paved surface and in the same direction as traffic.

When a vehicle parks on any street they are prohibited from blocking a driveway.

Businesses may restrict parking in private lots by placing signs.

Emergency and hospital parking only in the north lot of the hospital.

Campers and vehicles with trailers: parking is available in the Ennis Elementary School parking lot ** during summer months only.

Camping is prohibited in the Ennis Elementary parking lot and along the highway right of way within Town limits.

Please be patient and careful while driving in town especially on the Fourth of July.