MDT Road Resurfacing

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Road construction is here, please slow down, obey the traffic signs and give the workers a break. The road crews have families they want to go home to, so be mindful of them.

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) has begun their road construction in Ennis. The project begins at the intersection of US-287 and MT-287 and extends north for 6 miles ending near McAllister.
The work includes resurfacing the existing surface and painting new pavement markings. The purpose of the project is to rehabilitate the rutting roadway and to extend the service life of the pavement.

Be sure you are following the signs including the work zone speed limit and the pilot car signs. Pilot cars in part are used to control the flow of traffic so the workers have a chance to have a clear roadway to work.

Should you choose to disregard the pilot car signs the best case is the workers have to move their equipment to allow you to get through slowing their progress and making the project take longer. Worst case is you see the red and blue lights behind you and you receive a personal invitation to see the judge.

Please pay attention to the signs so this project doesn’t have to go on any longer than necessary.

Thank you, and drive safely,

John Moore
Chief of Police