Lions Park Flooding Update 12/29/2022

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Today Madison County DES brought the County’s drone for an Eagles Eye view of the park and the flooding. Thank you for the assist.

Not much has changed from yesterday. A quick shout out to the Ennis Lions Club who were able to remove their Christmas decorations on short notice so they were not damaged by the water.

Water is currently entering Lions Park from several spots along the Madison River. In some areas the water is close to 4 feet deep. Water is beginning to appear on the west side of the pond and drainage ditch. The drainage ditch is full and the overflow water is flowing into the north-east area of the park.

For everyone’s safety Lions Park from the fishing pond and drainage ditch to the east will remain closed this also includes the 3 pedestrian bridges. Please avoid the area. The area remains very dangerous.

We will continue to post updates as the conditions change.