Lions Park Continued Closure.

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The Ennis Police Department has been receiving many questions and concerns regarding Lions Park. It seems to be a rumor around Ennis that the Police Department has the ability to close Lions Park and keep Lions Park closed. The rumor is untrue the Police Department enforces laws and we have nothing to do with keeping Lions Park closed.

On January 4th, 2022 the Madison River due to an ice jam began significantly flowing into Lions Park in the south-east corner. The flooding was in an area where the river typically does not flood into the park. The river overtook Lions Park creating a very unsafe condition, and the Ennis Mayor, Nici Haas declared a state of emergency for public safety. The park was closed to all foot traffic for the public’s safety. Madison County Disaster and Emergency Services Joe Brummell was notified and began assisting the Town with Madison County resources.

Due to the damage in the park and the ice still receding, the park has remained closed. We have heard from many people that they will not go in the park where it isn’t safe and we believe you however; in the world we live in today where we have to put “hot” onto coffee cups, some people will venture where it is unsafe. This is why the entire park must remain closed to everyone.

Lions Park is owned by the Town of Ennis and insured by the Town. The Lions Club maintains the park and they do a wonderful job keeping the park beautiful. On Thursday March 24th, 2022 the Town’s Insurance carrier MMIA came to Ennis with three representatives to personally walk through the park and assess the damage. MMIA representatives gave a solid “No” to the park opening. This means that Lions Park will remain closed until MMIA approves the opening.

Lions Park is closed by emergency declaration. The emergency declaration is posted at multiple locations at Lions Park. The bad news is the Ennis Police Department enforces trespassing. If you enter any part of the park while the emergency declaration is active, you are trespassing and you will probably hear from us if we catch you. The entire park is closed to the inconvenience of us all.

If you have questions or concerns regarding Lions Park or anything please contact the Ennis Police Department at 406-682-4287. Hopefully soon we will see you in the park, have a great day!