Grading to begin Monday July 10th, 2023

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As we all know in Montana, we have two seasons winter and road construction.

Beginning Monday July 10th, 2023 Ennis Public Works will begin having the dirt roads graded and an application of Mag also known as Magnesium Chloride applied to the roads. The roads will be wet from the Mag.

No parking on the roadways and right of ways may be posted by Public Works to facilitate the grading. Please pay attention to any temporary no parking signs or you may be ticked and towed.

Please be mindful of the heavy equipment and drive slowly. Driving slowly after the roads have been graded and the Mag applied allows the Mag to soak into the dirt, keeps the Mag off your vehicle, and allows the roads to firm up so potholes don’t form as easily.

Here are some of the benefits of the mag
• Magnesium Chloride is a hygroscopic material that pulls moisture from the air, keeping roads and surfaces damp with lower dust production much longer than water. Even in hot, dry conditions Magnesium Chloride will keep roads and surfaces damp.
• Magnesium Chloride binds ultra-fine dirt particles together creating a hard surface that is more stable than untreated roads and surfaces. By regularly applying Magnesium Chloride for dust control, roads will have less erosion, fewer potholes, and require less maintenance.

Ennis Public Works thanks you for your patience and driving slowly while we work to make improvements to the roads.