Ennis 4th of July

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The Ennis 4th of July Parade will take a slightly different route for 2024.

The Montana Department of Transportation (MDT) office in Bozeman issues Encroachment Permits for using the highway system and their right-of-way for various activities, including parades, non-standard parking, roadwork, etc. MDT has placed restrictions on the encroachment permit for this year’s 4th of July Parade. US287 (East Main Street) and MT287 (West Main Street) are only permitted to have traffic stopped for a total of 1 hour for the parade. It is important to note that our local MDT workers have no control or say over what Bozeman decides, so please do not blame them. Unfortunately, due to these restrictions, the parade route must be shortened and altered to allow traffic to resume within the 1-hour time limit.

The Parade will begin at 10:00 am, starting on Comley Way at Ennis Street. It will continue onto West Main Street (MT287), pass through the “Y” intersection, and proceed through Downtown Ennis on East Main Street (US287). The Parade will exit the roadway immediately after the K&L Mortuary.

Everyone attending the parade, we need your help. To open the roadway in a timely manner and stay within the 1-hour limit, we need all pedestrians off the streets as soon as the parade is completed. Once the pedestrians are clear, we can allow traffic on the roads again. Unfortunately, if we do not clear and open the roads within the allowed time, we risk not receiving a permit for next year.

We have been blessed in the past by MDT allowing us to shut down the roadway for up to 2 hours; however, this is a federally funded highway, and MDT must abide by the rules just like us. Thank you for your cooperation so we can continue to have the Ennis 4th of July Parade.

The map shows the new route of the parade.