Ennis News and Events

March 8, 2018 Meeting Agenda

  • Open Meeting
  • Pledge to the Flag
  • Minutes of the February 2018 Meeting
  • Public Comments on Non-Agenda Items
  • Family Heritage Insurance Presentation – Chris Fortune
  • County Subdivision Regulations: Vote to use until Town’s update is finished and finalized
  • Department Reports: Library,
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Snow Removal Reminder

The Ennis Police Department would like to remind Ennis property owners if you have a sidewalk in front of your property the snow and ice must be removed. Thank you.

All property owners shall keep … Read More

Parking Reminders

Parking Reminders from the Ennis Police Department:

Motor Vehicles shall be diagonally parked on East Main Street in accordance with the markings placed upon those streets. The vehicles must be parked within the lines.

Vehicles parking on other roads shall … Read More

Town Meeting Information

Town Commission Meetings are scheduled for the second Thursday of the month at 7pm at Town Hall.

Library Board Meetings are scheduled for the first Friday of the month at 9am at the Library.

Ambulance Business Meetings are scheduled for … Read More