Zoning Commission Meetings



**OCTOBER 30, 2018                      ********THIS MEETING HAS BEEN RESCHEDULED******** NEW MEETING DATE: NOVEMBER 1, 2018; 9-11 A.M. ENNIS TOWN HALL

**Zoning Commission Meeting
Wed. Nov 7, 2018
Ennis Town Hall
Public Comment
Review and edit of Section 11-3-5 of proposed Zoning Code- Mixed Commercial and Commercial Districts

Guidelines for Public Participation-Ennis Zoning Commission
The following guidelines shall serve to assure reasonable and fair public participation in the decision so the
Ennis Zoning Commission
1. The public is invited to make public comment on any item under discussion by the Ennis Zoning
Commission, after recognition by the presiding officer.
2. The speaker should stand, and for the record, give his/her name and address, and, if applicable, the
person, firm or organization he/she represents.
3. Comments should be limited to three (3) minutes unless approval by the presiding officer, and citizens
requesting to speak shall limit him or herself to matters of fact regarding the issue of concern.
4. Prepared statements are welcomed and should be given to the Town Clerk. Prepared statements that
are also read, however, shall be deemed unduly repetitious. All prepared statements shall become part
of the meeting record.
5. While the Ennis Zoning Commission is in session, those in attendance must preserve order and
decorum. A member of the public shall not delay or interrupt the proceedings or the peace of the
Zoning Commission, nor disturb any member while speaking or refuse to obey the orders of the Zoning
Commission or its presiding officer.
6. Any person making personal, impertinent or slanderous remarks or who shall become boisterous or
disruptive during the Zoning Commission meeting shall be forthwith barred from further presentation to
the Zoning Commission by the presiding officer, unless permission to continue be granted by the
presiding officer or a majority vote of the Zoning Commission or Town Council.
The Ennis Zoning Commission reserves the right to amend these rules of procedure as deemed necessary.


**NOVEMBER 13, 2018

9:00-11:00 A.M.   ***Time Change***  1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

ENNIS TOWN HALL (Work Session)


**NOVEMBER 27, 2018

9:00-11:00 A.M. ***Time Change**** 1:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m.

ENNIS TOWN HALL (Work Session)


NEXT STEPS:     Subject: Zoning Code Update

Addressing Question #3 of survey-work with community to define “Western Character” as it pertains to Ennis.

Based on “Western Character” definition review/edit Zoning Update Draft as it pertains to Commercial Districts and mechanism for Community input and review addressed in Question #6 of Survey.

Review/edit Zoning Draft as it pertains to Residential Districts. Addressing issues of affordable housing, design standards, and property maintenance brought up in public comments.

Meeting times are subject to change. Please call 406 682-4287 for most current information.



**There is the possibility that more than two Ennis Town Commission members may be in attendance at these Zoning Commission meetings. No business will be conducted by the Ennis Town Commission at these meetings.